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{| style="text-align: center; width: 400px;"
{| style="text-align: center; width: 400px;"
|style="width: 20px; background-color:#fefefe;"| '''I{{sub|xx}}''' || '''I{{sub|xy}}''' || '''I{{sub|xz}}'''
|style="width: 20px; background-color:#ffffcc;"| '''I{{sub|xx}}''' || '''I{{sub|xy}}''' || '''I{{sub|xz}}'''
| 2.654e-01  || 2.029e-04  || 9.871e-05
| 2.654e-01  || 2.029e-04  || 9.871e-05

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Body (Base Link)


Inertial Tensor

Note See the link inertial tensor convention below.

mass 9.251 kg

X Y Z -1.812e-03 9.291e-03 5.294e-03 m


Ixx Ixy Ixz 2.654e-01 2.029e-04 9.871e-05 Iyx Iyy Iyz 2.029e-04 6.379e-02 3.037e-03 Izx Izy Izz 9.871e-05 3.037e-03 3.093e-01

Ixx Ixy Ixz 2.654e-01 2.029e-04 9.871e-05
Iyx Iyy Iyz 2.654e-01 2.029e-04 9.871e-05
Izx Izy Izz 2.654e-01 2.029e-04 9.871e-05

Link Inertial Tensor Convention

The components of tensors of degree two can be assembled into a matrix. For the inertia tensor this matrix is given by,

Inertial matrix.png

It is common in rigid body mechanics to use notation that explicitly identifies the x, y, and z axes, such as Ixx and Ixy, for the components of the inertia tensor.

(courtesy of Wikipedia)