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(Recommended Power Supply)
(Recommended Power Supply)
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==Recommended Power Supply==
==Recommended Power Supply==
The Allegro Dog power supply used by SimLab in house is a '''Sorensen XFR 40-70'''.
The Allegro Dog power supply used by SimLab in house is the 40V, 70A '''Sorensen XFR 40-70'''.

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The power management system can utilize two separate 24V power inputs: One input for the motor controllers/motors and one input for everything else. This isolation, and the ability to use of separate power supplies, allows the motor power to be disabled while leaving the internal computer and every other component running unaffected. This also provides the user the option to use a power supply capable of supplying higher currents for the motor power while using a smaller one to power the computer, etc.

  1. The 24VDC line for the motor controllers and motors requires the use of eight (8) connector pins (4 positive, 4 negative). Multiple pins are used for each pole to handle the current necessary to run the dog under extreme conditions.
  2. The other 24VDC line powers the power management system, computer, and other accessories including sensors. This line requires only two (2) pins within the connector (1 positive, 1 negative).

Note When power is supplied to the power management system it will automatically turn on without any further action from the user. It is only powered off when the power supply is removed. Powering the internal computer and motor controllers requires further action.

See below the Allegro Dog's power connector pin map and wiring diagram for using a tethered power supply.

Power Connector

The external power port is used to supply external power or redirect battery power to the Allegro Dog. It accepts two separate 24V inputs: One input powers the power management system and the second powers the motor controllers and motors.


External Power Tether

Power Source Wire Routing External.pdf

Recommended Power Supply

The Allegro Dog power supply used by SimLab in house is the 40V, 70A Sorensen XFR 40-70.

Sorensen XFR 40-70 Datasheet.pdf