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External Power
The power management system can utilize two separate 24V power inputs: One input for the motor controllers/motors and one input for everything else. This isolation, and the ability to use of separate power supplies, allows the motor power to be disabled while leaving the internal computer and every other component running unaffected. This also provides the user the option to use a power supply capable of supplying higher currents for the motor power while using a smaller one to power the computer, etc.
Battery Power
Provided with the Allegro Dog are four 24V, 4500mAh batteries used to power the dog during tethered operation. Careful attention should be paid to safely operate the dogs on battery power and to maintain the health of the batteries.
Power Management System
The Allegro Dog's power management system provides power to every Allegro Dog component. A 24V/A output powers the motor controllers and motors while a separate 24V/B line and 12 and 5V lines power the internal computer, IMU and any other devices added to the system. The power management system also limits the current supplied to the various devices and helps keep batteries healthy by limiting their drain.
Internal Power Sources
Available directly off of the Allegro Dog's internal power management system are 24V/B, 12V and 5V internal power sources.

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