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You're dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, and you've already visited your doctor. You were hesitant, lacking confidence, and even shied away from disclosing this to your spouse at first. However, the good news is that you have progressed through all of these stages and have decided to seek therapy from a doctor. He has advised various things in addition to Vidalista 20, and you are now wondering why Vidalista 20[1] and not other drugs.
Let us begin at the beginning so that you fully comprehend the recommendations that have been made to you as well as the drug that has been recommended to you.
The first thing that drew you here and there, to this and that website, was whether or not ED is entirely curable. ED is an ailment that is associated to your penile erection, and when you have it, you are unable to discover an erection in yourself. Even if you located the erection, you couldn't stop it. It quickly went down, giving you a great deal of frustration. This piqued your interest. Finally, you discovered that this is a sexual disorder.
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To be really honest, it is not like the other sexual problems in which hormones play a role. The main issue here is with your blood supply to the penis, and because that weakens for a variety of reasons, you cannot get an erection. The Vidalista 60 [3] recommendation and other stuff are all for this specific thing. And the truth is that the condition is entirely curable, as stated not only by doctors, but also by research figures.

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