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About Lebs3yal :

Lebs3ayl is an e-commerce platform online that offers the latest clothes for boys and girls from famous US brands and buys them from the most famous sites and e-commerce platforms in the USA, such as Carters website.
Lebs3yal located in Egypt and offers everything that is modern in the kid's fashion world.
We help our valued customers to choose what they want to buy from official websites in the USA on their behalf, ship and deliver it to their doorstep in Egypt.
Now through Lebs3yal you can shop from carters online or shop online from USA or from all stores and online shopping sites and from most American brands for children's clothing, and get carters kids Clothes only while you are in Egypt.
As Lebs3yal site offers many American brands and models, such as carters USA site in particular, and from any other site in general.
Lebs3yal site, all of its products are 100% original as they are on the official websites of the brands and sent directly to the customer.
Lebs3yal site makes it easy for the customer to pay customs and international shipping fees, and its prices are final including all these fees, to start and end the purchase process easily.
Shop from carters the boys' and girls' clothing through lebs3yal buying broker from carter's.
Lebs3yal platform is characterized by fast and accurate customer service where you can ask about any inquiries for all the details of buying from Carters website or any site to shop from USA , and you can also know the details of the order that you have requested and buy from USA through your account that you will activate on lebs3yal site and follow up your request step by step, moment by moment.
Lebs3yal offers a wide range of prices and offers with the ability to pay cash on delivery, to reassure the customer, increase confidence between lebs3yal and the customer, and facilitate the purchase process from Carters Egypt .

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