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Top Annette Obrestad reality

Aside from being extraordinary compared to other female poker players, time, Annette Obrestad has a particular accomplishment in her possession. She went down in the set of experiences books of poker as the most youthful player to at any point dominate the match's greatest competition: Annette grabbed her solitary arm band in the World Series of Poker Europe in 2007, just a day prior to she turned 19! Approach to go, Annette! ​pg

Vanessa Selbst

Profession income: $11,898,565

Nation of beginning: USA

A long time Active: 2003-2018

Date of birth: July 9, 1984

Poker Hall of Fame: No

Single greatest win: $1,823,430 at 2010 Partouche Poker Tour

Watch out; here comes a flat out monster of the poker world! With three WSOP wristbands in her assortment, Vanessa Selbst is probably the most extravagant lady in poker.

All through her 15-year vocation, Vanessa Selbst took an interest in 21 live poker competitions, gathering a fortune of almost $12 million. Because of this figure, Selbst, who is broadly viewed as outstanding amongst other female poker players, stays the solitary lady to secure the No. 1 spot in the Global Poker Index!

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