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<center>[[Serial Number: SAH020CR017 (Right, v2.0)]]</center>
<center>[[Serial Number: SAH020CR017 (Right, v2.0)]]</center>
{{Getting started}}
==RoboticsLab for Allegro Hand==
See the [[Allegro Hand RoboticsLab Project]] for source code and instructions.
==Allegro Application Studio==
'''Note:''' Please see the ''DMLs'' section below before uninstalling your current version of AHAS.
{{Software Update Download|09/13/2013|This version should address graphics related issues.|Make sure to copy your current DMLs and fully uninstall AHAS before installing this new version.|Allegro Hand Setup 130912.iso}}
DML files used in Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS) contain joint offsets and directions and are specific to each hand.
Please locate the DML files in your current AHAS installation and copy them to a safe place before uninstalling. After installing the new AHAS version, you will need to copy your original DML files to the newly installed AHAS.
DML files can be found here:
C:\Program Files\SimLab\Allegro Hand Application Studio\bin\models\Etc\ERHand\devices
==Offsets and Directions==
{{Offsets and Directions|SAH020CR017 }}

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Serial Number: SAH020CR017 (Right, v2.0)

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