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*[[Internal_Ltd:Interns|SimLab Interns]]
*[[Internal_Ltd:Interns|Wonik Robotics Interns]]
*[[Dev:Index|SimLab Development]]
*[[Dev:Index|Wonik Robotics Development]]
*[[AHAS Patches]]
*[[AHAS Patches]]

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Allegro Hand is a low-cost and highly adaptive robotic hand.

With four fingers and sixteen independent current-controlled joints,
it's the perfect platform for grasp and manipulation research.

Learn more

Multiple sensing options are now available for the Allegro Hand!

A variety of fingertip sensors as well as an attitude and heading reference sensor
can now be purchased as add-ons to the hand.

Sensor Options

Allegro Hand v3.0 has been released!
The new version embodies some great new improvements in technology and design. This hand is more reliable, easier to use and overall better looking!
Please email [info@wonikrobotics.com] with any questions.

You can download the latest version of Allegro Application Studio here.

  • Questions? Comments? Concerns?

    WONIK ROBOTICS offers a 1-year hardware and software warranty along with fast and friendly technical support.
    If you have an issue, feel free to contact us.

Alert! Customer pages now require login credentials to access!
You or someone in your lab has recently been emailed a lab-wide username/password to be used when accessing the Allegro Hand information and downloads specific to you. If you have not received this email or you need it to be resent, please email [info@wonikrobotics.com]. Thanks.


EPFL - Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology
KIST - Korea Institute of Science and Technology
SKKU - Sungkyunkwan University
Nautilus Hyosung
KIMM - Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
Berlin Institute of Technology
Stanford University
Technical University of Catalonia
Pukyong National University
University of Alicante
Weiss Robotics
University of Siena
ISAN Solution
Microsoft Research
Technical University of Munich
University of Waseda
Bahcesehir University
Han Yang University
George Mason University
Opto Force
University of Utah
National Institute of Standards and Technology
University of Michigan-dearborn
University of Melbourne
Seoul National University
Istanbul Technical University
Rutgers The University of New Jersey


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Sensor Options

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