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All dimensions are displayed in millimeters (mm) and degrees.

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[edit] Mount Block Removal

The mounting block is connected to the Allegro Hand using six (6) M3 flat-head screws (3 on each side).

Handmount1 v4.png

Remove three (3) screws on either side of the hand.
Do NOT remove the two (2) screws labeled A or the corresponding screws on the other side of the hand.

Note: Secure the hand while unscrewing the mounting block to avoid dropping the hand once disconnected.

Handmount2 v4.png

Once the six (6) screws have been removed, the mounting block can be removed from the bottom of the hand.

Handmount3 v4.png

[edit] Mounting

The block can be mounted to a surface using six (6) M3 socket-head cap screws.

Note: The hand should be mounted to a raised area so as to avoid thumb-mount interference during hand movement.

Handmount4 v4.png

[edit] Reassembly

Place the hand onto the mounting block and replace the six (6) M3 flat-head screws (3 on each side).

Handmount5 v4.png

[edit] Mount Block Dimensions

The relevant dimensions of the mounting block are presented in millimeters (mm).

[edit] Version 4.x

Handmount6 v4.png

[edit] Download

File:V4 AllegroHandUsersManual 1.1.pdf

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