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<center>'''Serial Number:''' SAH020CR018 (Right)</center>
<center>'''Serial Number:''' SAH020CL021 (Right)</center>
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==RoboticsLab for Allegro Hand==
{{Software Downloads}}
See the [[Allegro Hand RoboticsLab Project]] for source code and instructions.
==Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS)==
==Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS)==
'''Note:''' Please see the ''DMLs'' section below before uninstalling your current version of AHAS.
{{AHAS Download|Allegro Hand Setup CL021 Weiss.zip}}
{{Software Update Download|09/13/2013|This version should address graphics related issues.|Make sure to copy your current DMLs and fully uninstall AHAS before installing this new version.|Allegro Hand Setup 130912.iso}}
{{AHAS Download|09/13/2013|Make sure to copy the DMLs (included) for your hand to the ''devices'' directory of your new AHAS installation. Instructions can be found in the included README file and also below.}}
==Offsets and Directions==
DML files used in Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS) contain joint offsets and directions and are specific to each hand.
{{Offsets and Directions|SAH020CL021}}
Please locate the DML files in your current AHAS installation and copy them to a safe place before uninstalling. After installing the new AHAS version, you will need to copy your original DML files to the newly installed AHAS.
DML files can be found here:
C:\Program Files\SimLab\Allegro Hand Application Studio\bin\models\Etc\ERHand\devices
==Offsets and Directions==
{{Offsets and Directions|SAH020CR018 }}
{{DML Installation Instructions}}

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Serial Number: SAH020CL021 (Right)


[edit] Getting Started

More information is accessible using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

[edit] RoboticsLab Project

See the Allegro Hand RoboticsLab Project page for source code and documentation.

[edit] Visual Studio Project

Note: This software does not require RoboticsLab.

See the Allegro Hand MSVS Project page for source code and documentation.

[edit] Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS)

Allegro Hand Application Studio!

Below you can download your copy of Allegro Application Studio for your Allegro Hand.
Please refer to Allegro Application Studio (Installation) for installation instructions.

File:Allegro Hand Setup CL021 Weiss.zip

[[File:{{{2}}}]] (for AH v3.0)

[edit] Offsets and Directions

Note: These are the offsets and directions for your Allegro Hand

Last updated:
--Alex Alspach (talk) 16:13, 8 January 2014 (KST)

Finger Joint Encoder Offsets
Encoder Directions
Motor Directions
0 0 -227 + +
0 1 -67487 - +
0 2 1578 + +
0 3 1301 + +
1 0 948 + +
1 1 -65818 - -
1 2 1366 + -
1 3 -265 + +
2 0 -820 + -
2 1 -63396 - +
2 2 -244 + +
2 3 166 + +
3 0 469 + +
3 1 276 + +
3 2 -65167 - +
3 3 -67332 - +

Template:SAH020CL021 Offsets and Directions (ROS)

[edit] DMLs

After installing, you must copy your hand-specific DML (device description) files to the proper directory of your AHAS installation. These files include motor directions and encoder offsets.

In the installation disk's root directory, locate the folder titled 'devices_SAH020*****'. Copy every file in this folder and replace the corresponding files in the AHAS devices directory.

DML files can be found here:

C:\Program Files\SimLab\Allegro Hand Application Studio\bin\models\Etc\ERHand\devices

[edit] NI USB-CAN

File:NI-CAN DRIVER v274.zip

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