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Allegro Dog

SimLab's Allegro Dog has been released!

This new version embodies some great new improvements in technology, design and efficiency.

  • At just 22kg, the Allegro Dog can carry a payload of up to 50% its own weight.
  • Ten times as efficient as its predecessor, it can run on its two internal batteries for over two hours.
  • Each of the 12 active degrees of freedom contains a current controlled 90W Maxon motor and gear-reduction box.

Our wiki houses all of the technical information related to the Allegro Dog.

The Allegro Dog Wiki houses tutorials, technical information, a user forum and downloadable software and source code. Users can also use the wiki to store and share information about their Allegro Hand and related research. The wiki is your central source for any and all of the Allegro Hand information you may need.

All information is divided into categories like Hardware, Power, Software, etc. Within these categories are subcategories and pages related to their parent category. Click the following button for an overview of the Allegro Dog information housed on this wiki. You can always click the Allegro Dog logo at the top of the site to return to this page.


Allegro_Dog_Brochure.pdf Allegro_Dog_Brochure.pdf