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Gear Reduction

All joints use Maxon 86:1 gear reduction boxes.

Maxon Planetary Gearhead GP 32 C, ∅32 mm, 1.0–6.0 Nm, Ceramic Version

Part number 166942


Spec Sheet

Maxon Reduction 166942 86.pdf


All twelve active joints use Maxon motors.

Maxon RE 35 ∅35 mm, Graphite Brushes, 90 Watt

Part number 323890

Spec Sheet

Maxon Motor 323890 90W.pdf


The Allegro Dog uses Maxon Magneto-Resistant (MR) encoders.

Maxon Encoder MR, Type L, 1000 CPT, 3 Channels, with Line Driver

Part number 228456

Spec Sheet

Maxon Encoder 228456 MR.pdf