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Inside the dog, both the batteries and the power management system's 24V lines in are wired to the dog's rear power connector shown below.

The battery jumper plug shown below is used when the dog is to be powered by battery power alone. This plug contains jumpers connecting the battery's 24V lines to the power management system's two 24V inputs.

Power Connector

(No. 1 on the Control-I/O Panels)

The external power port is used to supply external power or redirect battery power to the Allegro Dog. It accepts two separate 24V inputs: One input powers the power management system and the second powers the motor controllers and motors.

Connector Components

Connector Body
Cannon Trident TR1619RFS1NB (female)
Cannon Trident TR1619PMS1NB (male)
Contact Pins
Cannon Trident T3P16FS1LT (female)
Cannon Trident T3P16MS1LT (male)


Battery Jumper Plug

Power Source Wire Routing Battery.pdf