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Battery Power

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Provided with the Allegro Dog are four 24V, 4500mAh batteries used to power the dog during tethered operation. Careful attention should be paid to safely operate the dogs on battery power and to maintain the health of the batteries.

Note When power is supplied to the power management system it will automatically turn on without any further action from the user. It is only powered off when the power supply is removed. Powering the internal computer and motor controllers requires further action.

See below the Allegro Dog's power connector pin map and wiring diagram for using a tethered power supply.

Battery Wiring

Inside the dog, both the batteries and the power management system's 24V lines in are wired to the dog's rear power connector shown below.

The battery jumper plug shown below is used when the dog is to be powered by battery power alone. This plug contains jumpers connecting the battery's 24V lines to the power management system's two 24V inputs.

Power Connector

(No. 1 on the Control-I/O Panels)

The external power port is used to supply external power or redirect battery power to the Allegro Dog. It accepts two separate 24V inputs: One input powers the power management system and the second powers the motor controllers and motors.

Connector Components

Connector Body
Cannon Trident TR1619RFS1NB (female)
Cannon Trident TR1619PMS1NB (male)
Contact Pins
Cannon Trident T3P16FS1LT (female)
Cannon Trident T3P16MS1LT (male)


Battery Jumper Plug

Power Source Wire Routing Battery.pdf

Battery Information

Product Page: TURNIGY nano-tech 4500mAh 6S 35~70C Lipo Pack


Capacity: 4500mAh

Voltage: 6S1P / 6S Cell / 22.2V

Discharge: 35C Constant / 70C Burst

Weight: 738g (including wire, plug & case)

Dimensions: 155x49x48mm

Balance Plug: JST-XH

Discharge Plug: XT150

Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS)


Changing the Batteries

While running on battery power, the battery voltage can be monitored using the LCD Panel Voltage Display on the rear of the dog. The power management system will also actively monitor the battery voltage and notify the user when the battery should be changed.

25.2 - 22.1V No sound - This is the normal operating voltage range.

22.0 - 20.6V Beep (pause) beep (pause)... - It is recommended you change the battery, but you have a few more minutes if necessary.

20.5 - 20.1V Beep beep beep beep... - You must change the battery immediately to avoid damage to the battery. The dog will soon shut down.

20.0 - 0.00V Beeeeeeeeeeeeep... - The power management system will shut down at 20V. Power to the everything is lost.

Note To keep the computer running while swapping batteries, switch just one battery at a time to ensure constant power to the power management system.


Batteries can be charged using the included battery charger. Look to the instructions included with the charger for how to properly charge your battery and keep them healthy.

Warning The batteries should never be discharged below 20V. The batteries are fully charged at 25.2V.

Product Page: Elangears ELAN R X2

Recommended Settings

To safely charge your battery and help keep it healthy, the following settings are recommended.

Note While it takes longer, using the Smart Charge setting on the battery charger helps the battery to last longer by balancing the charge of each cell.

TODO: Add recommended settings.


Operation Power: DC 11~16V / AC 100~240V (50 / 60Hz)

Output Port: DUAL

Charging Current: CH 1 - 0.1~10A (Max. 120W) / CH 2 - 0.1~15A (Max. 180W) / Extra Power (Max. 10A)

Discharging Current: CH 1 - 0.1~7A (Max. 30W) / CH 2 - 0.1~7A (Max. 30W)

Batteries Available: Li-Po: 1 - 6S / Li-Fe: 1 - 6S / Li-Ion: 1 - 6S / Ni-MH: 1 - 14S / Ni-Cd: 1 - 14S / Pb (Lead): 2 ~ 20V

Size: 178 x 151 x 86mm

Mass: 1.8kg