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Motor Controller Power

The motor controllers and motors are powered via the power management system's 24V/A output. Power to the motor controllers can be turned on using the Motor Controller/Motor Power Switch (No. 8 on the Control-I/O Panels) or the wireless remote.

The motor controller power push button will enable the 24V/A power to the motor controllers and motors only if the main power switch (#2, above) is switched on and the emergency stop is released. When the motor controllers are powered, the button will light up orange.

Note By default, power to the motor controllers remains disabled when the main power switch is initially turned on.

Note This switch does not disable motor controller power when pressed again. To disable motor power only, you can hit the emergency stop (#3, above) without any adverse effects. To re-enable the motor controller power, switch off the emergency stop then press the motor controller power button once again.

Turning on Motor Controller Power

  1. Turn on the the main power switch
  2. Check that the emergency stop is released
  3. Push the Motor Controller / Motor Power Switch

For the Motor Controller Power to be available, the main power switch must be on and the emergency stop must be released. Only then will the Motor Controller/Motor Power Switch turn on the 24V/A line from the power management system to the motor controllers.

The main power switch controls the supply of power to then entire Allegro Dog system. To use the internal computer, motor controllers / motors or 24V/B, 12V and 5V internal power sources, this switch must be switched ON.

The emergency stop switch kills the 24V/A supply of power to the motor controllers and motors. The switch affects nothing else in the system. When triggered, the computer and any other devices supplied by the 24V/B, 12V or 5V internal power sources will remain active.

Note If the motor controllers lose power for any reason, you must shut down and restart the control software to reestablish CAN communication.

Remote Motor Power and Kill Switch

Unlike the Motor Controller/Motor Power Switch, the wireless remote can both turn on and turn off the motor controller power (24V/A).

With the main power switch on and the emergency stop released, the 24V/A motor controller power line can be enabled or disabled by pressing Button 1 on the wireless remote.

Motor Power Remote.pdf

Power Wire Routing

Motor Controller Power Routing.pdf
Motor Power Routing.pdf