Serial Number: SAH030C034R (Right, v3.0)


Getting Started

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Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS)

AHAS Download

Allegro Hand Application Studio (License removal version)

Below you can download Allegro Hand Application Studio for your Allegro Hand.
In this version, the license is removed so you can execute AHAS immediately after installation.
And the slider section has been removed.
Please refer to Allegro Application Studio (Installation) for installation instructions. (for AH v3.0)

Note: This AHAS installation is not yet configured for your hand. See DMLs section below before installing.


DML files used in Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS) contain joint offsets and directions and are specific to each hand.

After Installing AHAS, please locate and download the DML files for your hand below (according to your hand's serial number). Replace the files of the same name in the 'devices' directory (below) with the files downloaded from the wiki.

C:\Program Files\Wonik Robotics\Allegro Hand Application Studio\bin\models\Etc\AllegroHand\devices

If you chose an installation directory other than the default when installing, you can find your DMLs here:

[Installation Location]\Allegro Hand Application Studio\bin\models\Etc\AllegroHand\devices

RoboticsLab Project

See the Allegro Hand RoboticsLab Project page for source code and documentation.

Visual Studio Project

Note: This software does not require RoboticsLab.

See the Allegro Hand MSVS Project page for source code and documentation.

Offsets and Directions

SAH030C034R_2 (Right)

Note: These are the offsets and directions for your Allegro Hand

Finger Joint Encoder Offsets
Encoder Directions
Motor Directions
0 0 867 + +
0 1 -106 + +
0 2 -643 + +
0 3 39 + +
1 0 146 + +
1 1 -1797 + +
1 2 -930 + +
1 3 469 + +
2 0 5070 + +
2 1 1266 + +
2 2 -65 + +
2 3 616 + +
3 0 424 + +
3 1 672 + +
3 2 -526 + +
3 3 424 + +

Template:SAH030C034R_2 Offsets and Directions (ROS)


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Wonik Robotics's Allegro Hand is based on licensed technology developed by the Humanoid Robot Hand research group at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH).

Any references to the BHand Library or the Allegro Hand Motion and/or Grasping Library refer to a library of humanoid robotic hand grasping algorithms and motions developed and published by KITECH researchers.
J.-H. Bae, S.-W. Park, D. Kim, M.-H. Baeg, and S.-R. Oh, "A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact Spots," Proc. of the 2012 IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2012), pp. 3798-3804

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