Remove the Motor Controller Cover

RibbonCableReplacement1.jpg RibbonCableReplacement2.jpg
Use 1mm hex wrench to remove
four (4) motor controller cover plate screws
Remove plate
and keep the screws in a safe place

Detach the Ribbon Cable from the Motor Controller

RibbonCableReplacement3.jpg RibbonCableReplacement4.jpg
Peel back black tape to reveal
ribbon cable connector
Using your fingernails, slide the black part
of connector outward to release cable

RibbonCableReplacement5.jpg RibbonCableReplacement6.jpg
Pull cable out of connector on motor controller
and detach tape from servo
Remove the double-sided tape
from the ribbon cable

Re-affix the double-sided to tape
back to its original position on servo

Detach the Ribbon Cable from the Back of Hand

RibbonCableReplacement8.jpg RibbonCableReplacement9.jpg
Locate other end of ribbon cable
on the back of the hand
Detach tape from the back of the hand

RibbonCableReplacement10.jpg RibbonCableReplacement11.jpg
Use a long, narrow tool (wrench)
to release the black connector as before.
You should pry it gently on either side.
Pull cable out of the connector

Re-affix the double-sided to tape back to its
original position on the back of the hand

New Ribbon Cable

RibbonCableReplacement13.jpg RibbonCableReplacement14.jpg
Insert end of new ribbon cable into the
open connector on the back of the hand.
The exposed cable contacts should face inward
towards the back of the hand
Use a small, narrow tool (wrench)
to push the center of the black part of the connector in,
securing the ribbon cable

RibbonCableReplacement15.jpg RibbonCableReplacement16.jpg
Insert end of new ribbon cable into the
open connector on the first finger link.
Push in the black part of the connector
to secure the end of the ribbon cable

Replace Cover and Test

RibbonCableReplacement17.jpg RibbonCableReplacement18.jpg
Replace the controller cover using four (4) screws.
Do not over-tighten as these are threaded into
the plastic servo case
Test the hand to make sure that
the faulty connection has been fixed

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J.-H. Bae, S.-W. Park, D. Kim, M.-H. Baeg, and S.-R. Oh, "A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact Spots," Proc. of the 2012 IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2012), pp. 3798-3804

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