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Omega Mart is now open despite the epidemic. The ทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรี strange cross-dimensional convenience stores really exist. But when can I visit?I'm in one of the convenience stores in Las Vegas, cans of fresh colored soft drinks everywhere. The masked staff led me to the wall where the strange garden was growing. My hand is a robot. I saw a garden and stepped through, and there was a strange universe far away. I was pulled back We headed up the stairs at the end of the convenience store, upstairs, and things turned strangers.I'm not at Meow Wolf's Omega Mart, recently opened within the incredible Las Vegas art space, Area 15, but I'm looking at it all on my home monitor.

I saw the live stream (At least I think it's alive.) Walking through the area, recorded on camera, and presenting it to me as if I was assembling a robot worker in this Omega Mart area. Like itOf course, Omega Mart does not enable this kind of virtual visitation. This experience is designed for you to enjoy at your own pace, explore the breathtaking theater grounds and feel the objects walking through your doorstep. It is now open for people to join in person. But I won't be doing that anytime soon.I've never been anywhere in a year, and while I'm on the harsh side of what a lot of people have been living through in the past 12 months, I'm not alone. I've been to Las Vegas once a year for CES, and back in January 2020, I saw my Area 15's incomplete buildings myself.I took a hard hat tour,

I hope Meow Wolf's Omega Mart opens. Serving soon, I look forward to revisiting Meow Wolf, a fascinating art group funded by George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones, started in Sante Fe, New Mexico with an experience. Famous religiously known as The House of Eternal Return, the Meow Wolf expands to theme park rides in Denver, and this Las Vegas experience is the group's next big installation.Like The House of Eternal Return, the Omega Mart area is full of interesting artist and musician works, with many rooms being a walk-in art experience.Meow Wolf worked with Brian Eno, Amon Tobin, and Santigold for the music. Some parts in the project

It started out as a simple convenience store. But afterwards it mutated as a strange door seemed to have pulled into another covered storyline. The experience will issue an employee ID card with an RFID chip that can be scanned throughout the area.The Meow Wolf intends to allow the storylines and the experience to branch out through multiple visits and eventually bypass the Meow Wolf deployment using a link. RFID The RFID experience is an integral part of the technology platform that will be available in both the exhibition and the exhibition. But over the long term, outside of the exhibition too, and will help people be creative and collaborate, ”Meow Wolf co-CEO Jim Ward told me via Zoom.

Of course, last year at home, I got used to the virtual reality theater experience: in VR headsets, Over Zoom, on headphones, projected onto my furniture and desk. The opportunity to collect something in physical space like the Meow Wolf makes it seem possible on my virtual tour, it seems tempting. But it's not part of the experience plan at the moment.I think right now our bread and butter is creating these incredible environments that are really hard to explain," said Corvis Brinkerhoff, Meow Wolf's creative director and one of the founding members. "You have to see for yourself.

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