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Criticism slams Fed Chair Jerome Powell as he pursues inflation.

Fed Chairman Jeromexo walletPowell faces growing criticism. while trying to cope with record inflation Whatever you say now doesn't seem to improve the situation.

On June 23, 2022, the AP news agency reported that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently gave a testimony to the Senate Banking Committee, House and Urban Affairs, and confirmed that the Fed would raise interest rates high enough and quickly. enough to bring inflation down by not going to tighten credit to allow the economy to evade a recession

Most Democrats in the Senate committee question whether Will raising interest rates control inflation? or will cause the economy to plummet The Republican senators blamed Fed Chair Moves Too Slow to Raise Interest Rates and now just come to accelerate until the risk of causing the economy to recession

At a meeting on June 22, Senator John Tester of Montana questioned whether raising interest rates on inflation would lead to a recession or recession, Paw said. Well replied that “That was a consequence that we did not intend to happen. But it is possible.”

Mr Powell reiterated that top mission The Fed's is a gradual reduction in inflation. down in soft landing without affecting employment and not causing economic recession The future path of interest rate hikes depends on how quickly inflation will fall.

There is no improvised script.
Powell has been critically acclaimed for his role in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. When this threat to the US economy has been suppressed. But inflation is rising and escalating now. Going further than Mr Powell and the Fed team estimated.


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