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One of the most important xoslot symptoms of COVID-19 patients is shortness of breath, which in addition to observing the symptoms from the outside We can also check from the oxygen in the blood. If the body is in a state of hypoxia in the blood than normal. That means you're putting your life at risk.

What is the blood oxygen value?
Normally, our blood contains oxygen from the body breathing oxygen into the lungs. The body needs enough oxygen to function normally in every system and organ.

risk factors for low blood oxygen levels There are many reasons. May come from diseases such as lung disease, bronchial disease. Emphysema, heart disease, kidney disease, pulmonary edema to obesity and people who smoke heavily, etc.

low blood oxygen How dangerous is it?
If the body goes into a state of oxygen depletion or it may be hypoxia in the blood The body will try to balance. to keep oxygen levels from falling This causes the body to breathe faster, faster, and harder. The heart works harder to pump more blood to the organs, causing the heart to beat faster. This was followed by an increase in blood pressure from pumping more blood as well. May have symptoms of chaos, fighting, confusion, or skin color, lip color, looks dark green. People with anemia. There may be a drop in blood pressure. have a problem with myocardial ischemia or any blood vessels blockage in the body And if still unable to maintain the oxygen balance in the blood to return to normal again, the cells in the body will begin to malfunction. and may cause the system of various organs It started to fail.

Blood oxygen or blood oxygen concentration (Oxygen saturation) can be measured from the level of oxygen saturation in the arterial blood at Normal in humans is 95–100 percent, below 90% may be at risk of hypoxia. Can cause life-threatening bodily harm

What is the relationship between blood oxygen and COVID-19?
One of the most important symptoms of COVID-19 patients is shortness of breath, which in addition to observing the symptoms from the outside We can also check from the oxygen in the blood.

We can measure the oxygen concentration in the blood (Oxygen Saturation) by using an instrument called a pulse oximeter or a blood oxygen meter held on the patient's finger. I will be able to tell how much oxygen in the body. This will help diagnose the patient's initial physical condition well. and more accurate Same as factor 5 of vital signs measurement.

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