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Allegro Hand is a low-cost and highly adaptive robotic hand.
With four fingers and sixteen independent current-controlled joints,
it's the perfect platform for grasp and manipulation research.

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Interested in the Allegro Hand?

Please see our Allegro Hand overview for product features and specifications.

Success Stories

Cutting edge research and Impressive demonstrations using the Allegro Hand

Just got your Allegro Hand?

Please refer to our guides on Allegro Application Studio and Allegro Hand setup and use.

Need a CAN communication interface?

SimLab offers support for four CAN communication interfaces out-of-the-box.
For CAN product comparison, documentation and drivers, please visit out CAN Options page.

Hardware Information

Technical info about the Allegro Hand hardware can be found below.

Developing your own algorithms?

If you plan to develop your own algorithms for the Allegro Hand, these guides will help you establish communications using CAN protocol. Also, the programming guides will provide you the ability to create your own algorithms using Allegro Hand Application Studio (AHAS) as the front end.


If you are developing software for the allegro hand on a linux-based platform, you will happy to hear that both Allegro Hand versions 1 and 2 are supported in ROS, the open-source Robot Operating System ( The ROS stack provides CAN communication, using a PEAK CAN device, as well as basic controllers and a control loop template for quickly implementing your own code. Downloads and installation instructions can be found on the ROS wiki:

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

SimLab offers a 1-year hardware and software warranty along with fast and friendly technical support.
If you have an issue, feel free to contact us.

User's Manual PDF

Download our Brochure!


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EPFL - Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology
KIST - Korea Institute of Science and Technology

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Copyright & Trademark Notice
Allegro, the Allegro logo, RoboticsLab, the RoboticsLab logo, and all related files and documentation are Copyright ⓒ 2008-2020 Wonik Robotics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. RoboticsLab and Allegro are trademarks of Wonik Robotics. All other trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned are the properties of their respective owners.

Wonik Robotics's Allegro Hand is based on licensed technology developed by the Humanoid Robot Hand research group at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH).

Any references to the BHand Library or the Allegro Hand Motion and/or Grasping Library refer to a library of humanoid robotic hand grasping algorithms and motions developed and published by KITECH researchers.
J.-H. Bae, S.-W. Park, D. Kim, M.-H. Baeg, and S.-R. Oh, "A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact Spots," Proc. of the 2012 IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2012), pp. 3798-3804

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